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Smart Marketing - Helping your business grow

Your website is your online shopfront, and a key part of your sales and marketing strategy. 

However, the most effective websites are those that are supported by other forms of marketing activity, which drive traffic to your site and make it easier for your customers to find you before your competitors.

Over the last year we have been working in close partnership with a local business called Smart Marketing Management, a team of sales and marketing specialists who offer a variety of services that work in tandem with our web design and build, to optimise your site’s performance and increase the visibility of your brand. 

Whilst we have designed, built and managed their customers’ websites, they have helped our clients with social media, telemarketing, PR and other on and offline marketing activities.

Whether your website comprises 5 pages or 20, it’s amazing what engaging social media posts can do to help drive traffic to your site and improve your Google ranking.

A well thought out Facebook advertising campaign can generate excellent results on a small budget, and informative and timely blogs that regularly update and refresh the content of your site will work wonders for your SEO.

 Similarly, offline sales and marketing techniques, like contributing to trade or local press, or picking up the phone and starting a conversation with a prospect’s decision maker are key to winning new business.

 The important thing to remember is a website is a window into your business, but potential customers must be able to find that window to look in.

There are lots of signposts that can point them in the right direction – both on and offline – so make sure you get them out there before your competitors do!

If you’d like to discuss an online marketing strategy that will give you the edge on your competition and improve the performance of your website, get in touch today. 

We’d be delighted to help!

You can contact Claire and her team in one of the following ways:

Smart Marketing Management Limited
Unit 10, Moon River Pines
Fir Tree Lane
Fair Oak
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Tel: 023 8060 1635